"...Everything I Didn't Learn From My Doctor, Helped Me To Reversed My Type 2 Diabetes"

My name is Roger.
I was in poor health:

High Blood Pressure, 
Type 2 Diabetic, Chronic Kidney Disease (Stage 3)

Medical doctors treat symptoms, but I chose to learn how to get well.

Here's my story:

On Sunday morning, March of 2007, my wife rushed me to the emergency room at our local hospital. A few hours later I was diagnosed as a full blown diabetic because my blood sugar (glucose) count was 967 (80 to 120 is normal).

Of course, the hospital admitted me to a room where I stayed for four days. After I was released and sent home, I had very little understanding about what this frightening disease really was. 
The doctor's instructions were to give myself five insulin injections a day, eat four to five carbohydrates per meal, and repeat that every day for the rest of my life. 
I was, at that time, in very poor health: besides being diabetic I had blurry vision, I was overweight, I had high blood pressure, and I had a stage 3 chronic kidney disease (which I found out later). 
Over the next two years, my energy levels didn't improve and I kept gaining weight. The patented answer from my doctors: "you're improving, but diabetic patients always have weight problems."

The medical doctors do a great job today with respect to what they've learned in medical school, which is how to treat diabetics.

But I knew I wanted to cure my disease, and when I discovered that type 2 diabetes can be reversible...that's when I became obsessed on finding out how. 

Fast forward to 10/5/09 (four months from my personal commitment to figure out how to get well):
I am no longer considered a diabetic, declared by my doctor. My hospital blood test taken a few days before had revealed that my AIC was now 5.4 (I started at 10 and a normal range is 7) and my total cholesterol numbers (HDL, LDL, and Triglycerides) were not only in the normal range but getting better with each hospital blood test.
What does that mean to the drug companies? Well, that means I'm not a very good customer. (I don't need to buy Novolog Insulin, Lantus Insulin, syringes, Lancets, sterilized medical pads, and I don't take Actos or Glipizide pills.)
What does that mean to me? It means freedom from being a slave to diabetic medicine; and a normal kidney function again for a person at my age.

How did I do it? Well, let me say, honestly, that it wasn't easy. However, I did not go on a starvation diet (in fact I started eating more food), nor did I enroll in any weight loss program, nor did I ever go against the advice of my doctor.

I first discovered that there is so much good and bad advice with overwhelming information; however, I reasoned that I was really blessed being an insulin-taking diabetic (some diabetics just take pills). This way, whatever I did with my food intake and my daily stress that comes with just living...I had proof of how I was reacting inside.

But, the biggest surprise I learned in my research about diabetes that it is just a result of an underlying problem,  (inflammation) that contributes to all ill health. And, curing the underlying problem, instead of the diabetes, would in turn cure my diabetes. It worked!

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