Health Care Reform is not Insurance Care Reform

The United States Health Care business today is a solid, recession proof, money making industry, bringing in over 2 trillion dollars per year. 

And the Health Care Reform Bill in American today should really be renamed Insurance Care Reform…because that is what the insurance companies and politicians are really arguing about. If the truth were told, it has very little to do with Health Care Reform, which really should lead one to think about reforming the health of an individual; not about how to pay for treating bad health through insurance coverage.

First, ask yourself why is it that America leads the world in obesity?  (Two out of three Americans are overweight today.)

My research led me to understand that the entire infrastructure of the American agribusiness industry is based on grain and starch production.

And the grain lobbies, which are very powerful in the government influenced the USDA to develop the Food Pyramid, which is based on heavy carbohydrate consumption . (Consume too many carbohydrates and your insulin level rises, which, besides delivering glucose to your cells, it is also a fat storage hormone.)

Subsidies for farmers started during the depression to protect the family farm; but over time, large corporations gobbled up ownership and today less than one percent are family owned...yet the annual subsidies paid are in the billions and billions of dollars. (See the connection?)

Next, you have the processed food industry that has gotten rich off of refining wheat and corn products (the cheapest food commodities in the world in terms of price per calorie).
Every conceivable trick has been done to incorporate these cheap commodities into processed foods that have both a lengthy shelf life and a higher than normal profit margin. (See the connection?)

A large supermarket in America today will carry up to 50,000 items, much of it is processed food made from refined grains and cheap fats with sales closing in on $200 billion per year. (See the connection?)

Ironically, the prescription drugs sold in America today are, also, close to the same amount of sales made by the process food industry. (See the connection?)

And, lastly, insurance companies (who by the way are exempt from anti-trust laws) are in a class of their own. 
Insurance companies are and have been all along just legitimate bookies. They are only interested in the spread or the difference between the money they charge to insure people and the money they have to pay out when paying medical expenses to improve an individuals health during a doctor's visit or hospital stay. 

Also, when paying claims from hospitals on uninsured people, they will charge the government many times over the amount they would pay for an insured person. (See the connection?

Side Note: After the passing of the Health Care Bill, it will be interesting to see if the people who had insurance and are paying an extra $1000 per year, will have a reduced amount in their premiums.

I think it's a conspiracy or a secret plot between the corporations, insurance companies, and the government who have perpetrated this capitalistic greed on the unsuspecting American people over the last fifty years.

Now, everything is collapsing with our health care system and it is so out of control that, in my opinion, the fat cats see the writing on the wall and are circling their wagons (wealth) for safety.

One last note: I, also, see that this conspiracy or secret plot with the corporations, insurance companies, and the U.S government as being replicated by foreign governments as process food manufactures spread their ideas and goods throughout the world.

The writing is now on the wall. More than ever, you must take control of you and your family's health by finding a way to obtain wellness...not continually sustain or add to poor health conditions.

 Stay tuned for Obamma Care...if it works, it may save us; if it doesn't it may destroy us. Time will tell.

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