"...Everything I Didn't Learn From My Doctor, Helped Me To Reverse My Type 2 Diabetes"

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One day I learned that it was a matter of months before I would become another crippling diabetic victim, unless...

Hi, Roger here,

Insulin shots and pills won't cure you of Type 2 Diabetes.  I personally know, I was a full blown Type 2 Diabetic injecting myself five times a day with two types of insulin (Novolog and Lantus) shots for two and a half years (that's 4,562 painful shots). If that wasn't bad enough, I was also taking two different pills (Actos and Glipizide).

Not only was I feeling worse by the day, but I was gaining weight faster than ever. Then, my kidneys started shutting down, my vision was blurry as if I was under water with my eyes opened in a chlorine swimming pool, my nerves in my toes were damaged, I found an open and bleeding sore on my leg getting worse each day, and my teeth were falling out...I was in trouble.

I finally overcame all of that and cured myself in a very short span of time (like four months). How did I do it if my doctors and the American Diabetes Association couldn't? 

Well, besides discovering and curing the underlying problem that caused my Type 2 Diabetes (Read My Story), it had to do with fear. That's right, the strongest emotional motivator known to man is fear.

Type 2 diabetes, which can cause long-term complications such as heart, kidney, eye, and nerve disease, had become an expensive (heath and financial) reality, and I knew I was facing a pre-mature death. 

Not to mention the suffering I would go through by eventually ending up with total blindness, feet and leg amputations, no teeth, being obese, and dialysis due to kidney failure. 

If you really want to cure yourself and stay on this earth a few more years, you need to figure out what (suffering with pain, eventual death, leaving your family, etc.) would really frighten you enough to make you change your lifestyle, and using it to motivate you at every meal and snack each day.



If you are still waiting for your health to improve since the Health Care Reform Bill passed some time ago, it won't happen...our government still doesn't get it. 

Why? Because the American people still have or are just as vulnerable to Type 2 Diabetes today as they were before the bill passed.
                                                                                  To understand this, please take a look at my

that explains why nothing has changed.

Help Our Children !!!

Today's unhealthy children will not outlive their parents.

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